Casey Gallimore | School of Pharmacy | Case Design and Debrief

COURSE: Integrated Pharmacotherapy Skills I
DEPT: Pharmacy Practice Department
SCID: School of Pharmacy

Learning Activity

Within assigned groups, students work together before class to author a patient case. Specific criteria and instructions for case development are provided. In class, each group pairs up with another group and each presents their case the other. Together the 2 groups work through answering a series of discussion questions provided by the instructor for each case, with each group taking responsibility for facilitating the discussion related to the case they authored. An instructor is also present to help facilitate and redirect discussion as needed.

Active Constructive Interactive
Doing something physically Producing outputs that contain ideas that go beyond the presented information Dialoguing substantively on the same topic
Groups writing/typing patient cases. Students apply and analyze the information they received in the lecture component of the course, by incorporating it into a realistic and novel patient case. First outside of class students interact and collaborate with members of their small workgroup to develop the patient case. Next, members of 2 different workgroups interact in class by discussing and debriefing each other on the cases they authored.

Casey Gallimore

School of Pharmacy

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