College of Letters and Science Fellowship Project Abstract

Story submitted by: John Gillett
Department: Statistics / Lecturer
From: College of Letters and Science
Abstract: Identify and develop efficiencies for creating and redesigning blended courses in Department of Statistics.
“STAT 327: Data Analysis with R” is integral to a modernisation of the undergraduate statistics curriculum in at least two ways. First, it formalizes, centralizes, and advances the teaching of statistical computing, which allows the rest of the curriculum to do more computing than was possible before STAT 327. Second, it is an early user of several nontraditional teaching and learning techniques including computing in the classroom, active individual and group learning in class, the use of collaborative classrooms, online lectures, online Q&A forums, an option for competency-based credit without completing the course, and a modular approach consisting of several one-credit, five-week modules

Timmo Dugdale

Center for Teaching, Learning & Mentoring Division of Teaching and Learning

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