College of Letters and Science Fellowship Project Abstract

Story submitted by: Lyn Van Swol
Department: Communication Arts/ Associate Professor
From: College of Letters and Science

Abstract: Create infrastructure and more explicit norms for blended learning within Communication Arts.

Build infrastructure within department by: developing norms for blended learning through two scheduled colloquium in the department to introduce the Blended Toolkit and other resources; and working with the chair to identify strategic, higher enrollment classes that could be blended in a multiple-year strategic plan. This year several classes were identified that could be blended or taught online in order to reduce bottlenecks or increase student flexibility, and several professors have developed plans for online or blended learning with some professors applying for EI funds to further their goals. The strategic goal of blending some classes has been combined with the goal to develop an online certificate program so that resources and infrastructure between the two projects can be shared. The next goal is to work with Erik Gunneson and Mike Xenos (chair) to develop a plan for more active learning space in Vilas Hall for Communication Arts. In conclusion, the goal is to make the eco-system or structure of blended learning in Communication Arts more explicit by sharing infrastructure with faculty.

Timmo Dugdale

Center for Teaching, Learning & Mentoring Division of Teaching and Learning

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