The Course Guide is where students go to find all relevant information about available courses. Instructors of blended courses should know what content is presented and what content can be changed or customized to describe and promote their course. [Portions of content below taken from Knowledge Base document written by the Office of the Registrar.]


The official course description presented to students is created during the course approval process. While this may describe the content being presented in the course, it might not provide a good description of the ways in which your blended course is being delivered.


The Instructor Provided Content (IPC) section of the Course Guide allows an instructor to enter additional information to be displayed to students without any approval processes. The IPC can vary from semester to semester and can each section can have unique IPC provided. All content placed in an IPC is searchable by students – making it easier for you to market your course effectively. Courses with IPC content provided can be viewed by clicking the red instructor icon displayed (see image below)

For detailed information about changing content displayed in the IPC section of the Course Guide, go to

Course Description

Enter the description of the course being taught. This description often differs from the Official Course Description that has been approved by divisional committee with the original course proposal. Be sure to describe, in your own words, the course material that an enrolled student would expect to learn when attending the class.


Instructors can provide an outline and schedule of the content being presented during the course.


Instructors can provide additional search terms that will help students find their course.

Class Format

Since campus has not yet provided official ways to tag courses as blended, this section is critical. Instructors should be as specific as possible regarding the way in which their blended course is designed included when/if some class time will be replaced with online interactions.

Learning Outcomes

Instructors can list what learners should expect to learn or be able to do as a result of taking the class. Participants of Blend@UW should think of this section by the term “course objectives” instead of “learning outcomes.”

Additional Resources

Instructors can add any additional links to relevant content such as course or instructor website.