Alicia Hazen | School of Human Ecology

Blended learning could help the School of Human Ecology (SoHE) address space/scheduling issues with the use of the Collaborative Learning Hall, our one large lecture hall in Nancy Nicholas designed to facilitate active learning and collaboration. Since all of our majors in SoHE are centered around people and relationships and include project-based work, this space continues to be highly sought after and hard to get into for many faculty and instructors whose courses could really benefit from an active learning environment. Blending courses in SoHE could free up time and space in that classroom that has been used for traditional lectures, to allow for more active engagement in the curriculum, as that space was intended. This may also allow us to keep more SoHE courses being taught in our building vs. elsewhere on campus because of space issues.

Alicia Hazen

Student Academic Affairs Office | School of Human Ecology

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