History of Rap: Social Activism and Global Hip Hop Culture


Name: William Noseworthy
SCID: College of Letters & Science
Department: History
Course Name: History of Rap: Social Activism and Global Hip Hop CultureCourse Objectives:
CO1: To utilize and evaluate key theories of social scientists based upon case studies drawn from the history of rap, social activism and global hip hop culture
CO2: To broaden understanding of cultures and languages, in connection to hip hop and rap scenes in Europe, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia and North America
CO3: To develop the skills to produce analytical reviews, essays, research papers, and presentations using new media
CO4: To develop a basic knowledge of the publication process, and the stages that are involved in itCourse Units:
CU1: From Roots to Revival: Victor Turner & Situating Humanism
CU2: Post-Colonial Hip Hop: Paul Gilroy, Hip Hop Francaphonie, Alamar & the Favelas
CU3: Global Asia: Immanuel Wallerstein, Arjun Appadurai & Globalization of Rap
CU4: The Global Hip Hop Ummah: Clifford Geertz, Talal Asad & the New Muslim Cool

Unit Objectives:
UNIT TITLE: From Roots to Revival: Victor Turner & Situating Humanism

UO1: To build a foundation of knowledge of Hip Hop Studies to be applied in later units of the course
UO2: Evaluate the theoretical concepts of liminality and communitas as presented by Victor Turner
UO3: To develop basic analytic skills necessary to complete course assignments
UO4: To understand the history of black particularist religious groups in the United States

Activity One

Activity: Lyrical analysis of Renegades of Funk
Description: In class watching a video, listening to a track, reading through lyrics, marking rhyme patterns, sharing the rhyme patterns.
Modality: Prepped video outside of class, otherwise in class
Activity Sequence: Pre-class: video; in class according to description; post-class: using terms and vocabulary on the first film review assignment
Required Knowledge: none
Time on Task: Pre-class (5 minutes); in class 25 minutes; post class (with other assignments)
Objectives Supported: UO1; UO3
Horton Type: Absorb & Do
Bloom’s Level: Remember, Understand, Apply
Evidence: Immediate in Class Discussion
Pedagogical Role: Introduce vocabulary used in description of lyrics and lyrical analysis
Social Role: Encourage students to share previous knowledge; mix up groups; students present points using one another’s names.
Managerial Role: Coordinate groups work; prep lyrics for handouts
Technical Role: Run through YouTube; Show Lyric Analysis site

Activity Two

Description: Group Discussion of Opening Articles .
Modality: Pre-Reading outside of class; discussion in Class
Activity Sequence: Outside of class students read through articles; inside class they are asked to discuss 1) the main take away and 2) any points of confusion
Required Knowledg: none
Time on Task: 15 minutes discussion in groups
Objectives Supported: UO1; UO3
Horton Type: Absorb, Do, Connect
Bloom’s Level: Remember, Explain
Evidence: Students can connect the main points of articles that discuss the problems associated with the study of Hip Hop culture in relation to the context of cultural studies in the academy, as well as in connection to the real climate of the UW-Madison campus.
Pedagogical Role: Write down main points on power point slide to be shared with the class online afterwards – with democratic input, but guided toward discussions of social discord to begin to introduce the concept of liminality.
Social Role: Guiding questions provided for discussion
Managerial Role: Via email
Technical Role: Make sure that students receive article links before class and can access them

Activity Three

Description:Reading Cypher of Jeff Chang (2005).
Modality: 100% in class
Activity Sequence: Each day for 20 minutes students read selections of Chang’s book in teams; 10 minutes each day for teams to discuss their main points; 20 minutes for groups to present their main points (down to 2 minutes per group at most; or 5 at most, depending on the groups)
Required Knowledge: None; provided by text
Time on Task: Total 50 mins / course period
Objectives Supported: UO1; UO2; UO3; UO4
Horton Type: Absorb; Do; Connect
Bloom’s Level: Remember -> Evaluate
Evidence: Summaries will match existing summaries (prepped last year); or go deeper; will be able to connect main points of text to concepts from Victor Turner
Pedagogical Role: At each presentation, emphasize connections; as well as situations that could be interpreted as manifestations of liminality & communitas if they are not present
Social Role: Teaches students to split into groups and work as a team to cover large amounts of reading; dividing tasks and coming back together to create an analysis of the reading
Managerial Role: Have a plan to split down the chapters each day; also take notes for summaries to post online for follow-up
Technical Role: None; but make sure students know how to access slides on Learn@UW

Activity Four

Description: History of Black Particularist Religious Groups.
Modality: Pre-reading outside of class/voice over slides; follow up quiz (online); face to face (in class)
Activity Sequence: Students read articles on Black Particularist religious movements in the US; or view voice over slides; take a follow up quiz; check in during class afterwards
Required Knowledge: To have a basic knowledge of which groups exist
Time on Task: Outside of class will be 30 minutes; in class, will be a 5-minute check in
Objectives Supported: UO 1; UO 3; UO 4
Horton Type: Absorb and Do
Bloom’s Level: Remember -> Evaluate
Evidence: Quiz results and in class check in
Pedagogical Role: Introduce terms before readings; also, follow up to connect material to Turner
Social Role: Minimal; check in is social
Managerial Role: Set up pre-class activities; follow up
Technical Role: Ensure that students have access to readings/slides/quizzes

Activity Five

Description:Film Review of “Straight Outta Compton”.
Modality: Face to Face; Online/At Home
Activity Sequence: Look at old examples of film reviews; pick out good points and missed points; highlight concepts to take note of when screening the film; screen the film over two class periods; students turn in reviews over the weekend
Required Knowledge: Terms to bring up in film review; lyrical analysis; black particularist religious movements (especially NOI); general format of review; reminder of Turner’s terms
Time on Task: Prep review: 20 minutes; Film screening (2 class periods); discuss review (10 minutes after screening); 1 hour to write review & turn it in; graded via rubric
Objectives Supported: UO 1; UO 2; UO 3; UO 4
Horton Type: Absorb, Do, Connect
Bloom’s Level: Remember -> Evaluate
Evidence: Film Reviews
Pedagogical Role: To round off unit
Social Role: Some social check ins; but mostly a send off toward the weekend
Managerial Role: Need to have film cued; example reviews; Dropbox set up
Technical Role: Review measures for turning in the assignment with students

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