Traci Snedden | School of Nursing | Interactive Respiratory Dysfunction Exercise

COURSE: N318 Pathophysiology for the Nursing Profession
DEPT: School of Nursing
SCID: School of Nursing

Learning Activity

Groups of 6 students (total of 6 groups) will view unique youtube video examples of respiratory dysfunction in various populations (newborn, toddler, child, adolescent, adult and older adult). Each group will interpret the dysfunction, identifying signs and symptoms, describing potential pathophysiology related to these signs and symptoms, and constructing potential responses/interventions to these scenarios. Each group will synthesize the work of their team into a powerpoint and present to the entire group at the end of the learning session.

Active Constructive Interactive
Doing something physically Producing outputs that contain ideas that go beyond the presented information Dialoguing substantively on the same topic
Watching the youtube video. Discussing what they see/hear. Translating these observations to ‘signs’ and ‘symptoms.’ Identifying possible pathophysiology related to the signs and symptoms and then constructing potential interventions to improve patient status. A powerpoint that synthesizes the interactive exercise. Presentation/share to large group. Discussing between group members.

Traci Snedden

School of Nursing

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