N785 Foundations of Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing Education


Name: Wendy Carry
SCID: School of Nursing
Department: Nursing
Course Name: N785 Foundations of Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing Education

Supported Program Outcomes:

  • SPO1: Integrate nursing science and theory with evidence, ethics, and knowledge from other disciplines as the basis for specialty-focused advanced nursing practice.
  • SPO2: Develop, implement, and evaluate new practice approaches based on nursing science and theory, as well as knowledge from other disciplines.

Course Objectives:

  • CO1: Understanding the complex relationships between how curriculum is defined in nursing education and how nursing curricula are planned and designed.
  • CO2: Examining frameworks for nursing curricula and analyzing their implications for nursing practice.
  • CO3:Identifying current and future nursing knowledge and skills and the implications for curriculum change.
  • CO4: Designing evaluation and research of curriculum development in nursing education.

Course Units:

  • CU1: Introduction to roles and responsibilities of nurse educators in the academic setting.
  • CU2: Components of Curriculum, Philosophical Frameworks
  • CU3: Curriculum Change & Faculty Development
  • CU4: Current Topics in Nursing Education
  • CU5: Learning Theories and Curriculum Design
  • CU6: Evaluation and Research

Unit Being Redesigned:

Unit Objectives:

  • UO1: Analyze the impact of current trends and research reports on nursing curriculum and evaluation activities.
  • UO2: Describe strategies that faculty might use to keep the curriculum current, dynamic and aligned with evidenced based practice.
  • UO3:

Summary of Blended Activity Flow

Pre-Class Activities In-Class Activities Post-Class Activities

*Billings & Halstead (2016) Chapter 6

*IOM Briefs: The Future of Nursing: Focus on Education/Leading Change, Advancing Health

*Benner, P., Sutphen, M., Leonard, V. & Day, L. (2010). In Educating Nurses: A call for radical         transformation, pp.19 – 40. online

*Oermann, M. (2018) Chapter 1

*Keating (2018) Chapter 1 online



UO1, UO2

Introductory video from Dr. Crary


Dr. Donna Shalala U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services discusses the IOM Report: The Future of Nursing




Discussion Forum:

What are your thoughts about the four recommendations presented in the Future of Nursing-Leading Change, Advancing Health brief? Do you agree with them?  Do you think they can be accomplished?

UO1, UO2

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