The following are stories and examples of blended learning submitted by people on campus. If you would like to share a blended learning experiences, go to SUBMIT A STORY.

  • Investigating engagement in a blended learning course

    Proponents of a blended course paint an ideal picture of participants leisurely learning and reflecting on how they can apply their new knowledge. The reality is of course much more complex, especially in the lives of working adults. This study sought to understand the complexity better through analysing the experience of 123 participants enrolled in ...

  • Division of Continuing Studies Fellowship Project Abstract

    Story submitted by: Sarah Marty
    Department: Liberal Arts & Applied Studies / Associate Faculty Associate
    From: Division of Continuing Studies

    Abstract:  Develop a Creative Entrepreneurship Certificate as a model for blended learning programming within Continuing Studies

    UW’s Division of Continuing Studies provides lifelong learning opportunities through credit and non-credit programming available in primarily face-to-face or correspondence model ...