Law School Resources

The Center for Patient Partnerships

The Center for Patient Partnerships, affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Schools of Law, Medicine & Public Health, Nursing, and Pharmacy:

  • Educates graduate students and working professionals in health advocacy;
  • Provides free advocacy services to anyone with a serious or life-threatening illness, regardless of income or residence;
  • Works to strengthen the field of health advocacy through research on advocacy’s impact and promotion of best practices; and
  • Enhances the capacity of patients to influence health policy and the responsiveness of the health care system to consumers’ experiences.


The Frank J. Remington Center

The Frank J. Remington Center is a law-in-action program of the UW Law School made up of several clinical projects dedicated to teaching, service, and research. The Center was founded fifty years ago by the late Professor Frank J. Remington in order to provide students with a “learning center” in the area of criminal justice. The Center provides law students with the opportunity to develop the substantive knowledge, professional skills, and judgment necessary to excel as attorneys in all areas of the law; provides high-quality service in individual cases; and engages in empirical research necessary to bring about systemic improvements. Students receive course credit for their clinical work; summer clinical students also receive a stipend.


Blended Learning and the Law

Legal ED

LegalED hosts an ever-growing collection of videos and teaching materials created, contributed and curated by world-class teachers in their fields.  The video collection (each 15 min or less) is designed for easy online viewing from anywhere at any time.

LegalED focuses on student learning   Students can view our videos at their own pace, from anywhere, review lessons as often as they want for mastery, go deeper into topics of particular interest, and hear diverse perspectives on legal concepts.

LegalED is a central hub where the legal education community can collaborate, share, connect, inspire and be inspired. LegalED facilitates networked collaboration and cooperation among a worldwide community of teachers and students of the law.