SoN Academic Technology Group offers SoN faculty and staff access to and support for the following tools:

  • TopHat has been SoN student-response system (SRS) of choice for the last three years. It accommodates the types of questions that are used on the most recent version of NCLEX, and allows faculty to engage students during class. TopHat is used in most large-enrollment courses taught in the active learning classrooms. In addition to its function as SRS, its Attendance module offers faculty a time-saving way to take attendance in large-enrollment courses. All undergrads admitted to Nursing are introduced to TopHat during the online portion of New-Student Orientation, andTopHat is used during the Welcome Into Nursing (WIN) on-site orientation at Cooper Hall. SoN academic technology group offers faculty, TAs, and support staff one-on-one TopHat training, as well as the development of TopHat questions. Since spring semester of 2016, TopHat has been supported campus-wide. (read more about TopHat use at SoN)
  • Screencast-O-Matic (SOM) is our tool of choice for faculty-created short screencasts (aka narrated PowerPoints). SOM is easy to download, install, and use; it works on Windows and OS X computers (works with PowerPoint and Keynote), and offers simple but effective editing tools that let faculty trim and cut sections of the recording (for example, a mistake), without having to start over every time. SoN offers all interested instructors SOM licenses, orientation / training, as well as USB microphone headsets that ensure good quality of audio on most laptops.
  • WebEx is an online video conferencing and screen-sharing software that allows up to 100 simultaneous online participants. It is a good match for SoN Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, which is 80% blended, with average class-size of 20-60 students, many of whom are in active nursing practice outside of Madison area.
  • SimEMR is SoN educational electronic health record (EHR) software of choice. It is used as a part of high-fidelity simulation, and can also be used by faculty in skills lab activities, and activities developed for the active learning classrooms. All SoN undergrads have access to SimEMR, and SoN AT staff offer faculty and students software training, and support for developing SimEMR patient charts.
  • LearningSpace is SoN video-recording and debriefing system that allows 53 high-definition cameras in CTEN simulated environments of care record student activities for later debriefing and discussion.


  • D2L is the learning management system used in SoN courses. SoN new undergraduate concept-based curriculum that will launch in the fall semester of 2017 will use Canvas as its LMS.
  • Piazza offers students and instructors discussion features not available in D2L, and is directly accessible from within Learn@UW. Students, instructors, and TA’s can post questions or notes (announcements) regarding course assignments, as well as the logistics of the class, and answer other students’ questions. Instructors and TA’s can easily “endorse” some answers or announcements, or add their own answers or comments to existing student answers. For students who are hesitant to pose questions, piazza.com allows questions which may be posted as anonymous to other students (only the instructors or single instructor know who posted the question).
  • Kaltura offers students, faculty, and staff an online repository for streaming video content.