Best Practices in the School of Pharmacy

Student Tips

Student opinions and tips shared during focus group discussions on blended courses:

  • Talk about online activities during the first day of class
  • Have information on online activities listed in the syllabus with due dates and how the activity is graded
  • List in syllabus time off from class for online activities if time off is offered
  • If online activity is longer than 30 minutes consider giving time off from class
  • Have online activities available at least 2 weeks before the activity is due
  • For large classes have structured active learning activities following the online activity if appropriate
  • Encourage on-time completion of the online activities through completion credit or giving a small quiz
  • For complicated topics, consider a short review (a few minutes) of the complicated topics before moving onto the active learning component
  • Use the face-to-face time for active learning to allow students to practice and problem solve. This is how many students felt they learned critical thinking skills through guided problem solving from faculty. Try not to continue to lecture in class without allowing some time for practice.
  • For courses that are team-taught try to be consistent in the use of online preparatory work and the communication of the activities to students
  •  Avoid giving a full lecture covering the same material that was online

Research documenting the development of these tips is accepted for publication in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (2016)

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