The following are stories and examples of blended learning submitted by people on campus. If you would like to share a blended learning experiences, go to SUBMIT A STORY.

  • Aging and the Family (HDFS 763)


    Name: Kristin Litzelman
    SCID: School of Human Ecology
    Department: School of Human Ecology
    Course Name: Aging and the Family (HDFS 763)Course Objectives:
    CO1: Identify the major theories, approaches, concepts, and current and classic research examining families in the context of aging
    CO2: Assess the interrelationships among aging and ...
  • 2016-2017 EI Small Grant Award Recipients

    The Educational Innovation (EI) Small Grant Program supports faculty and instructional staff in their efforts to experiment with new technologies and new ways of learning. The program is modestly funded and typically awards grants of up to $10,000. The following is the list of recipients of the EI Small Grant awards for 2016-2017. ...

  • Investigating engagement in a blended learning course

    Proponents of a blended course paint an ideal picture of participants leisurely learning and reflecting on how they can apply their new knowledge. The reality is of course much more complex, especially in the lives of working adults. This study sought to understand the complexity better through analysing the experience of 123 participants enrolled in ...

  • School of Human Ecology Fellowship Project Abstract

    Story submitted by: Michael Maguire
    Department: Interdisciplinary Studies / Associate Faculty Associate
    From: School of Human Ecology

    Abstract:  Create and implement a comprehensive plan contributing to sustainable undergraduate enrollment in all School of Human Ecology (SoHE) majors.

    The School of Human Ecology’s undergraduate enrollment challenges (in part or in whole), include: time-to-degree, timely entry into/declaration of ...