The following are stories and examples of blended learning submitted by people on campus. If you would like to share a blended learning experience, go to SUBMIT A STORY.

  • Vet Med 632: Companion Animal and Equine Medicine I


    Name: Jessica Pritchard
    SCID: School of Veterinary Medicine
    Department: Medical Sciences
    Course Name: MedSc-V632 Companion Animal & Equine Medicine ICourse Objectives:
    CO1: Students will be able to localize disease to body systems when given presenting complaints, history, and physical exam findings.
    CO2: Students will be able to construct ...
  • MMI 350 Parasitology


    Name: Lyric Bartholomay
    SCID: School of Veterinary Medicine
    Department: Pathobiological Sciences
    Course Name: MMI 350 ParasitologyCourse Objectives:
    CO1: Be conversant in terminology used in the field of Parasitology.
    CO2: Recall scientific and common names for parasites and hosts, and the name of the resulting disease in humans or ...
  • 2016-2017 EI Small Grant Award Recipients

    The Educational Innovation (EI) Small Grant Program supports faculty and instructional staff in their efforts to experiment with new technologies and new ways of learning. The program is modestly funded and typically awards grants of up to $10,000. The following is the list of recipients of the EI Small Grant awards for 2016-2017. ...

  • Robb Hardie; Blended learning fellowship

    Posted by: rsulliv2
    Robb Hardie; Blended learning fellowship
    Story: As a previous participate of the Campus’ Blended Learning Fellowship, I found the program very informative providing me with a much better understanding of how faculty across campus approach teaching and learning in their respective schools and ...