All courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison – including all blended courses – are required to have the following elements:

  1. A course syllabus that is available to students
  2. Defined learning outcomes
  3. A qualified instructor
  4. Compliance with definition of federal credit hour
  5. Content that is appropriate for and aligned with the title, level, and course description regardless of mode of instruction
  6. Prerequisites that are enforceable (if any)
  7. Meet requirements associated with any attribute attached to the course
  8. An approved grading scheme
  9. A plan for instructional  times; the instructor most meet the instructional commitments for the course
  10. Meet standards for verifying identify of students; requirements met by us of the standard learning management system for other than face-to-face instruction.

For more information, go to the Academic Planning and Institutional Research site.