The unit map is a document that describes the activities that will take place within a unit of the course.  A unit map may include the following elements for each activity:

  • Description of the Activity
  • Delivery Modality (online / face-to-face)
  • Learning Objectives supported by the activity
  • Time on Task – How much time will it take a student to complete the activity?
  • Required Knowledge – What does a student need to know to complete the activity successfully?
  • Assessment Plan
  • Post-Activity Interaction
  • Level(s) of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Type of Student Interaction
  • Technology Required
  • Plan for Pedagogical Role of Instructor
  • Plan for Social Role of Instructor
  • Plan for Managerial Role of Instructor
  • Plan for Technical Role of Instructor

The following is a map of how a unit for a blended course would look. It comes from Political Science 566: Contemporary American Political Thought, taught by Professor John Zumbrunnen, Ph.D.