In designing activities that occur in Canvas, it is important to understand the type of interactions you want to facilitate. The following table is a list of interaction types aligned with the Canvas tool that supports these interactions. Note that there are many other non-Canvas tools that are integrated into Canvas, as well as other standalone tools that can facilitate these interactions. A learning technology consultant can provide greater details about these specific features and limitations of each tool.





Files Announcements Chat Atomic Assessments
Kaltura Media Assignments Collaborations Course Syllabus (AEFIS)
Modules Chat Discussions ePortfolios
Pages Course Summary Piazza Grades
Discussions Zoom Kaltura IQV
Zoom Quizzes
Top Hat

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Learner/Content — Tools and Approaches

Learner/Instructor — Tools and Approaches

Learner/Learner — Tools and Approaches

Assessing Learning — Tools and Approaches