Blended learning comes in many shapes and forms and nowhere is that more evident than in the School of Education where excellence in teaching comes in three main areas:




The following are stories and examples of blended learning submitted by people on campus. If you would like to share a blended learning experiences, go to SUBMIT A STORY.

  • 2016-2017 EI Small Grant Award Recipients

    The Educational Innovation (EI) Small Grant Program supports faculty and instructional staff in their efforts to experiment with new technologies and new ways of learning. The program is modestly funded and typically awards grants of up to $10,000. The following is the list of recipients of the EI Small Grant awards for 2016-2017. ...

  • Creating Online Course modules for Cultural Responsiveness Education and Training

    Posted by: cstephens
    Creating Online Course modules for Cultural Responsiveness Education and Training
    Story: Alberta Gloria and Lynet Uttal lead a project to create online modules with case scenario builder designed to address student self-awareness. With each case scenario, students are asked to reflect on ...

  • Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education Case Scenario


    Min-Chi Yan, Aaron Perzigian
    Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education, School of Education
    – “Social Studies and Diverse Learners”

    Min-Chi Yan and Aaron Perzigian are TAs in Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education.  Together, they teach RPSE 194-404:  Methods in Teaching Science and Social Studies for ...
  • Kinesiology Case Scenario


    Kinesiology Case Scenario

    Debbie Bebeau 
    Department of Kinesiology, School of Education
    -“Interprofessional Interactive Case Scenario” Debbie Bebeau’s project was created for 25 students enrolled in Occupational Therapy (OT) 623 – Adolescent and Young Adult Occupations and Therapeutic Interventions – a four credit course taken by second year OT students.