The following are stories and examples of blended learning submitted by people on campus. If you would like to share a blended learning experiences, go to SUBMIT A STORY.

  • Investigating engagement in a blended learning course

    Proponents of a blended course paint an ideal picture of participants leisurely learning and reflecting on how they can apply their new knowledge. The reality is of course much more complex, especially in the lives of working adults. This study sought to understand the complexity better through analysing the experience of 123 participants enrolled in ...

  • Law School Fellowship Project Abstract

    Story submitted by: Nina Chang
    Department: Law School / Lecturer
    From: Law School

    Abstract:  Redesign an existing face-to-face course in a new blended format.

    “Legal Sources” is an introductory research, writing, and analysis class for international students currently offered in a face-to-face classroom setting.  The class already emphasizes problem-solving, group work, and oral participation.  I will ...

  • Law School Fellowship Project Abstract

    Story submitted by: Jonathan Scharrer
    Department: Law School / Clinical Instructor
    From: Law School

    Abstract: Redesign center-wide, summer clinic orientation to incorporate blended learning. Offer a robust and uniform orientation experience to year-long clinics that can also be utilized by academic year clinics in the Frank J. Remington Center.

    Redesign portions of the existing center-wide, summer ...