L&S Learning Support Services (LSS) employs learning technology and instructional design consultants to assist faculty and instructional staff on a range of topics related to online and blended learning. LSS consultants are eager and equipped to work with you on a whole range of instructional solutions ranging from media production, videoconferencing, online learning tools and environments (like Learn@UW and Moodle), instructional design, the design and purposeful use of learning spaces, the strategies development of blended and online courses, and more.


As consultants, we are committed to three core goals:

  1. Recommending sustainable technology choices that are realistic, scalable, and support your learning objectives.
  2. Helping you develop a stable support structure (which may combine LSS resources with other campus services) for the entire lifecycle of your courses.
  3. Providing the training and practical experience necessary for you to become a skilled, confident implementer of instructional technology solutions that best suit your teaching style and instructional goals.

Whether you’re a first time TA or the chair of a departmental curriculum committee tasked with redesigning a massive undergraduate lecture course, we’re confident that our consulting team can help, even if our involvement is as limited as connecting you with resources outside of LSS better suited to your needs.

LSS offers flexible options to partner with you that range from lightweight consulting to project management and course development. Talk to us to explore opportunities that meet your needs.

If you teach within the College of Letters and Science, we want to hear about (and support) your instructional ideas, ambitions, or challenges. Please contact us to tell us a little bit about your interests and to request a consultation. Based on the information you provide, we’ll either connect you with the relevant LSS employee or direct you to the campus resource that can best meet your needs.