Assessment Strategies in School of Pharmacy

How can you evaluate the effectiveness of using blended learning in your course?


  • Compare the previous student cohort exam performance (or other summative assessments) with the current student cohort within the blended learning environment.
  • A predetermined set of exam questions could be chosen as a subset for comparison.
  • Compare instructional evaluations and add questions specific to blended learning.


  • Divide your exam questions into lower-order and higher-order thinking using the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.  You can also use the Canvas learning management system’s learning analytics to map assessment items to educational outcomes. Are students performing better on the higher-order items within the blended learning environment?
  • Conduct student focus groups to assess workload, perceptions, and tips for instructors
  • Engage student cohort to track their workload and experiences in blended learning courses.  A weekly survey has been piloted.
  • Request a peer evaluation for your course design and delivery methods. Peer Feedback on Teaching (PFoT) is another resource.
  • Administer a survey focused solely on blended learning in the classroom.  (LIU Blended Learning Student Survey)


  • Design and implement a prospective study, with formal IRB approval.

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