Within the School of Medicine and Public Health, the Medical School is implementing blended learning through our Forward Curriculum, in which case-based learning is being used to enhance and contextualize knowledge within the 10 integrated longitudinal blocks. The new curriculum will establish a foundation of medical knowledge in 18 months, thus getting students into clinical experiences a semester earlier than the current model.

A Vision for Blended Learning

Colleen Cobey & Sue Wenker



  • Conspiracism in Public Health

    Affiliation Name: Ajay Sethi SCID: School of Medicine & Public Health Department: Population Health Sciences Course Name: Conspiracism in Public HealthCourse Objectives: CO1: Describe the origins of popular conspiracy theories related to public health interventions CO2: Examine the psychological and psychosocial basis of conspiracy theory adoption and perpetuation. CO3: Implement techniques to change individual and public opinion and behaviors related to public ...
  • 2016-2017 EI Small Grant Award Recipients

    The Educational Innovation (EI) Small Grant Program supports faculty and instructional staff in their efforts to experiment with new technologies and new ways of learning. The program is modestly funded and typically awards grants of up to $10,000. The following is the list of recipients of the EI Small Grant awards for 2016-2017.  Half of ...
  • Investigating engagement in a blended learning course

    Proponents of a blended course paint an ideal picture of participants leisurely learning and reflecting on how they can apply their new knowledge. The reality is of course much more complex, especially in the lives of working adults. This study sought to understand the complexity better through analysing the experience of 123 participants enrolled in ...
  • Body in Balance

    SPOTLIGHT: Beth Altschafl, PhD, Department of Neuroscience, Integrated Block Leader for Body In Balance Beth Altschafl is the Integrated Block Leader for the Body In Balance block in Phase 1 of the newly transformed School of Medicine and Public Health Forward Curriculum. The new model, beginning fall 2016, fully integrates basic science, public health and clinical ...